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Buying, Selling, Consignments & Appraisals

If you are interested in selling, consigning or identifying old tackle, e-mail me at If you are offering items for sale, I generally will make you an offer for everything you have rather than for a few choice pieces but in some cases, it just may not be worth while to ship some items such as a tackle box or rods since their shipping costs may far exceed their value.

I also handle eBAY consignment sales at reasonable rates. If you wish to consign item(s) for auction on eBAY, you can view my EBAY CONSIGNMENT SALES TERMS SHEET (in PDF Format).

I've purchased tackle from sellers all over the country and am willing to negotiate a fair price with you. Identifying the items you have is obviously the most critical part of determining what you have and it's value. I can also assist you in helping ID your items but you will have to help me.

If you can provide photographs or scans of your items, these will be most beneficial in assisting in identification but I can work with descriptions as well. In addition, keep in mind that condition is very important. Flaws such as age lines in the paint, paint chipping, broken or missing hardware, paint rubs, hook scratches or gouges, repaints, incorrect parts, rust or tarnish (particularly on reels) all affect value. I buy tackle in less than excellent condition BUT I must be aware of the degree of condition.

I will get back to you as soon as I can, usually within 24 hours. I have a extensive reference library and collecting experience but given that there are millions of lures, some of the tougher ones take time. Also keep in mind that I get a lot of requests to identify fishing tackle items which I happily do BUT, it takes up a great deal of my time. Please donate a dollar or two via the PayPal button below. It helps to keep this service available and helps to keep this site up and running.

Thanks for your support!

Comments? E-mail me at

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