9V - Orange, Black Spots

COLOR NAME: Orange, Black Spots
LURE(S) PICTURED: Vamp (Vampire)(7509V), Zaragossa Minnow (6509V)

Orange body with black spots. Introduced in the Heddon catalogs in 1926 and was gone by 1930.  It was only listed as available on the two and three hook Torpedoes, the Vamps and Baby Vamps, the Bassers, and Lucky 13s during the years ’26 through ‘29.  It was listed for the Game Fisher and Baby Game Fisher for the year 1926 only.  Rare examples can probably be found on other Heddon baits of that era. It is uncataloged for the Zaragossa Minnow.

(Picture of Zaragossa Minnow courtesy of Bear Hanson!)  

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