BLF - Blue Flitter Shad

COLOR NAME: Blue Flitter Shad
LURE(S) PICTURED: Tiny Torpedo (360BLF), Midget River Runt Spook (9010BLF), Sonic (385BLF), Chugger Spook (9540BLF), Chugger Spook Jr. (9520BLF), Zara Gossa (9269BLF)

White body with blue spine, blue belly, blue around face and eyes, with silver or gold glitter (silver or gold flitter) on body. The Sonic lure also has a red gill mark on either side of the head.
The Zara Gossa has a mostly blue body with white belly, all covered with a very fine glitter of flitter. It was advertised as one of the "G-Fleck" colors, c. 1993 and later.

(Special thanks to Charles Woolley for the Chugger Jr. pictures!)

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