BW - Black & White Crab or Black Body, Black Hackle or
Black and White or All White

COLOR NAME: Black & White Crab OR Black Body, Black Hackle OR Black and White OR All White
LURE(S) PICTURED: Go Deeper Crab (D1900BW - Black & White Crab), Popper Spook Fly Rod Lure (940BW - Black Body, Black Hackle), Bass-Bug-Spook (975BW - Black and White)

Go Deeper Crab: Black body, white spine, white ribs in widely spaced pattern. c. 1951. Popper Spook: Transparent black body with white rib pattern (white lines) over the top and bottom of the body with black hackle (feather) on the tail. This color code was also used for both sizes of Heddon's Bass Bug Spook Fly Rod Lure (series 974 and 975) which has black feather wings and a black hackle (feather tail); c. late 1930's thru early 1950's. (Picture from 1939 Heddon catalog.)

This color code was also used for Heddon's Triple Teazer lure (1000BW - All White) for the all white bucktail model, c. 1929.

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