GSD - Green Shad

COLOR NAME: Green Shad
LURE(S) PICTURED: Top to bottom: River Runt Spook Midget Deep Diver (DD9010GSD), Big Hedd (9330GSD), River Runt Spook Midget Deep Diver (DD9010GSD), Cousin I (7725GSD)
DESCRIPTION: River Runt Spook: This color is a later version of Shad (SD) starting in the 1970's. White body with green spine and scale pattern on sides, red gill mark and black gill spot on either side of head, solid white belly, and orange eyes with black around the eyes. The green is a bit darker than the standard Shad color.

The Big Hedd color is more of a medium green spine, pinkish sides, and white belly with a single black spot on either side. There is no gill mark on the Big Hedd color.

The lower pictured River Runt Spook is believed to be a variation of this color. The green is much darker, and it has two gill marks on either side rather than just one. Also, it has a white eye.

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