KCH - Yellow/Red Muskie


COLOR NAME: Yellow/Red Muskie
LURE(S) PICTURED: Magnum Tiger (1030KCH), Crazy Crawler Spook (X9120SUKCH-SP)
DESCRIPTION: Magnum Tiger: Black back, green and orange striped sides, white belly, black scale pattern ribs running across back and sides of lure. This is a cataloged color for the Tiger as well as other Heddon lures such as the Torpedo, Sonar, and Tadpolly to name a few; c. 1980. The related color code, SUKCH-SP is identical in pattern but the finish is matted or 'flat' finish or what is sometimes called a 'fur finish' though it isn't really furry. The Crazy Crawler is a recent special order production for the Japanese market, c. 2005.(Picture of Tiger courtesy of Les Shulman).

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