2-LUM - Luminous, Red & White Markings

2LUM - Luminous, Red & White Markings

COLOR NAME: Luminous, Red & White Markings
RELATED COLORS: LUM, 2 & RET (White, Red Eyes & Tail)
LURE(S) PICTURED: River Runt Spook Floater (9402-LUM), River Runt Spook Sinker (9112-LUM
DESCRIPTION: River Runt Spook: Solid white body that appears and feels 'rough' to the touch with red markings on the face and around the tail. The roughness is due to the heavy luminous paint which had a tendency to bubble. Lures are marked on the belly with the letters "LUM". Luminous River Runts are rarely found in excellent condition due to the problems with paint bubbling. this is a cataloged color for River Runts from 1935 to 1943. This color exists in non-luminous paint as Heddon #2 prior to WWII and RET after WWII.

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