NPR - Red Chrome

COLOR NAME: Red Chrome
LURE(S) PICTURED: Chrome Zara Spook (9260NPR)

Chrome red spine, red face, red side scale pattern on silver chrome body. This is a cataloged color for the Zara Spook. The Red Chrome color along with 5 other 'chrome' colors were introduced in Heddon's 1971 catalog for a number of other Heddon lures. The colors included NPY (Yellow Chrome), NBL (Black Chrome), NFD (Green Shad Chrome), VGS (Gold/Brown Chrome) and VRB (Rainbow Chrome). In addition, Heddon assigned a different series number to every lure produced in the Chrome color, i.e., '9540' was the standard series number for the Chugger Spook but in a Chrome color, it was 9542, '9250' was the standard series number for the Zara Spook but 9260 for the chrome one.

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