NSP - Natural Spotted Bass

COLOR NAME: Natural Spotted Bass
LURE(S) PICTURED: Original Zara Spook Signature (9256NSP), Original Zara Spook (9255NSP)

There are two (2) color versions for NSP:

1. Green body with fine printed black scale pattern, erratic black stripe on sides, white belly. This 'printed' pattern is often referred to as 'photofinish'. This version has the "Charlie Campbell" signature on the side and was made from 1980 thru 1983 and called the Original Zara Spook Signature, series number 9256.

2. Brown or golden brown body, white belly, black scale pattern and black rib-like markings on the side, similiar to Heddon's Baby Bass color pattern. This version of NSP was first shown in the 1984 catalog and listed thru 1992. This color version was offered in most of the Zara Spook line.

(Picture of 9256NSP courtesy of Gabby Talkington!)(Picture of 9255NSP courtesy of Jerry Cheek!)

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