OSD - Orange Head, Shad or Opaque Shad?

COLOR NAME: Orange Head, Shad or Opaque Shad?
LURE(S) PICTURED: Chugger Spook (9540OSD), Box for Heddon Sonic (385OSD), Super Sonic (9385OSD)

White body with very light green scale pattern, red face, red spot around eye, light green back, red gill mark on either side of head, black spot on either side of head or as in the case of the Super Sonic, a black lightning bolt marking. This color is very similiar to SHAD (SD). The name for this color isn't documented so this is a guess.. The Chugger Spook lure pictured was part of a Heddon saleman's sample ring and is marked on the belly with the color code.

No color name has been documented for this color.

(Special thanks to Frank Hansen for providing the picture and information!)
Thanks to Jim Viviano for the Super Sonic picture!)

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