PG - Golden Shiner

COLOR NAME: Golden Shiner
LURE(S) PICTURED: River Runt Spook Sinker (9110PG), River Runt Midget Spook (9010PG), Lucky 13 (2500PG), Punkinseed Spook (9630PG), Vibra Flash Sonic (V385PG)

Silver body with pink scales over a yellow scale pattern on sides, black spine and face, solid yellow belly; came in both gold and white eye versions. This color was first cataloged in 1952 for River Runt Spooks but a few examples of it have shown up both pre and post WWII wood lures (Heddon Basser) as a special order color as well as a River Runt Spook Floater box.

The Lucky 13 (right) has pink scales over a silver scale pattern on the sides with solid yellow to yellow-gold belly color and dates to the early 1980's. This is a uncataloged color for the Punkinseed. Note the Punkinseed has gill marks which was pretty much standard for Punkinseed lures.

Vibra Flash Sonic: Vibra Sonic: In 1964, Heddon produced the Vibra Sonic line of lures which has a reflector- like plate on either side of the lure. It was embossed with a design that ranged from a hexagonal to a scale like pattern and in some cases, little of any pattern. The following year, 1965, it came with glitter on the sides and remained that way until the end of production in 1970.

(Picture of Punkinseed courtesy of Nick Monteleone!)
(Picture of Vibra Flash Sonic courtesy of Andy Jefferson!)

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