9PRH or PRH - Shiner Scale, Red Head

COLOR NAME: Shiner Scale, Red Head
RELATED COLOR(S): Orange Head, Shiner Scale (OHP)
LURE(S) PICTURED: Top, bottom, right to left: River Runt Spook Jointed Floater (9439PRH), River Runt Spook Sinker (9119PRH), River Runt Spook Floater (9409PRH), River Runt (wood)(119PRH), Flaptail Spook (9700PRH)

River Runt Spook: Black spine, silver scales on sides and belly, red head. The size of the scales on the sides can vary with larger scale patterns being the earlier. This is a uncataloged color for River Runt Spooks though a regular cataloged Heddon color, particularly for Lucky 13 lures in the 1950's.

(Floater and Flaptail pictures courtesy of Doug Ramey!)

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