R&W or RW - Red & White

COLOR NAME: Red & White
LURE(S) PICTURED: Vibra Flash Super Sonic (V9385RW), Vibra Flash Sonic (V385RW), Vibra Flash Sonic (V385RW), Devil King (1290R&W), box for Stanley Queen (280R&WTBLH)(Note: TBLH stands for Treble Hook meaning instead of a single hook it came with a treble hook)

The earliest version of this color is a white body with red markings as shown on the Devil King. Later, there were 2 versions of this color, both made in Heddon's Sonic line of lures. The top one has a red head, red spine, red belly, with silver glitter on sides. This version was made from 1965 to 1970.

The other version is the same except the side is a reflector which has a scale pattern OR a hexagonal pattern. In some cases, the pattern is hardly noticable. This version was only made in 1964.

(Picture of Devil King & Vibra Sonic courtesy of James Viviano!)

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