SUN - Sunfish

LURE(S) PICTURED: Midget River Runt Spook (9010SUN), Brush box for River Runt Spook Sinker (9110SUN),Timber Rattler (X0100SUN), Tiny Clatter Tad (990SUN), Baby Chugger Spook (9520SUN) with white eyes, Chugger Spook with white eyes (9540SUN), Super Sonic (9385SUN)

Timber Rattler: Black spine, blue around eyes, green to yellow to orange scale sides, white belly, light orange rib pattern on sides. This is a cataloged color for Timber Rattlers (c. 1985) and the Clatter Tiny Tad (c. 1975).

The River Runt has a more vertical rib pattern similiar to that of Pike Scale. It is uncataloged for River Runt Spooks. This color is very much like the earlier Perch color.

The Baby Chugger Spook has a orange belly and red spots on the body, unlike the others in this color; c. 1970's based on the box. (Pictures of Baby Chugger Spook courtesy of Charles Woolley!)

(Picture of Chugger Spook courtesy of Mike Berendt!)

(Picture of Super Sonic courtesy of Mike Keniry!)

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