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Links to Antique Fishing Tackle Web Sites

Join the National Fishing Lure Collector's Club which has national and regional shows as well as a quarterly newletters, semi-annual magazines, both with lots of information on fishing lures and equipment, articles of interest, and buy and sell ads!

Reproductions, Repaints, Fakes and Frauds: I generally don't list other sections of a web site, only the main link, but this one, by Joe Yates, will remain on the top of this page. Folks, there are crooks out there and this page illustrates the extent of the problem. I can't say it enough: BUYER BEWARE! Deal with reputable sellers! Ask questions! Don't think that just because it's on eBAY™, it's OK! There are lots of web sites relating to old fishing tackle and most if not all of us who have them are willing to answer your questions/concerns if you ask!

The Zig Wag Page by Pete Lellos is a history of Heddon's Zig-Wag lure including color charts!

Vintage Surf Fishing Memorabilia on by Tom Clayton is a excellent source of information on saltwater and surf casting lures!

Fred's Classic Abu Reel Information by Fred Ribb provides lots of facts you didn't know about Abu Reels!

Scott Jedd’s MEGALUREMANIAC is specifically designed to be used by collectors & researchers as a tool to help identify obscure old lures!  Contributions are welcome!

The Antique Tackle Observer by Stefan Duma offers information on overseas tackle items!

Salmon Plugs of the Pacific Northwest by Ross McDonald offers some insight of these lures from Canada and America!

Ontario Fishing Lures Patrick Daradick is the topic of interest on ONTARIOLURES.COM, a web site devoted to lures made in Ontario, Canada.

Canadian Lures by John Workman is the premier source for information on antique Canadian lures and collectible fishing tackle!

Old Florida Lures by Bobby Blizzard and Scott Atkins covers lures made in Florida including Bagley, Eger and L&S to name a few! Check out the opening video!

GrumpyPup's Collectable Tackle by Glen Brewton offers a variety of information and items for sale - check out the POOP SHEET!

Smithwick Collector.Com by Allen Peters features the lures made by Smithwick of Shreveport, Louisiana!

Fishing For History by Dr. Todd Larson is unique among collectible sites as it is a 'blog' and offers comments on everything that has to do with fishing and fishing collectibles - a MUST VISIT SITE that you should bookmark! web site by Todd Long whose collection includes a great display of Heddon Chuggers and Chugger Jrs.

Old and Antique Fishing Lure web site by Matt Lollman offers a wide variety of information on old fishing tackle including manufacturers!

Bernie Schultz Fishing site offers information and pictures of antique tackle, especially old reels by one of the major bass tournament fisherman!

Antique Fishing Collectibles.Com by Randy Nelson offers a gallery of pictures of his great collection of both lures and reels. Randy runs "Reel-Life Taxidermy" so if you're looking to have a fish mounted, this is the guy!

TackleCollecting.Com by Larry Nicholson is a 'must visit' site! Numerous lure color listings and pictures of a number of companies' lures!

Shur-Strike Lures by Rick Osterholt provides in-depth information on this line of lures which were made by the Creek Chub Bait Company! by Keith Bell includes a chat room, message board, and information on his favorite lures!

Bob Hart's Saltwater Lure Page offers writeups on featured lures and on-line auction news! provides lots of information on Ambassaduer reels and other fishing collectibles.

Antique Fishing Lures by Floyd Roberts offers information on the beginnings of the NFLCC and other good stuff!

CreekSpeak by collector Fred Sweeney is dedicated to Creek Chub lures - check it out!

AntiqueLures Gabby Talkington provides pics you just gotta see and info. you better know if you want to get into collecting!

If reels are your thing, pay a visit to the Old Reels Collector's Association web site. Show announcements and membership information are among the stuff you can find there!

The Bassman's Cove tells you everything you wanted to know about Rapala lures but was afraid to ask!

Hooked On Lures by William Richardson offers pictures of old lures and items for sale!

Darwin Stewart's "Darwin's Bombers" features Bomber lures!

Joe's by Joe Ramierz offers antique tackle and pictures of Joe's collection. Joe can also set up a web page for you!

Floyd's Private Antique Fishing Collection Page offers pics of his own collection plus several 'unknowns'!

Joe's Old Lures - One of the finest antique tackle sites with the most active message board on the Internet specializing in old tackle!

Reelmans Antique Fishing Tackle web page by Dave Borner who specializes in Indiana and Meisselbach reels, has tackle items for sale!

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